The Formation of Identity in Electrate Gaming Culture Part 1: Game On!

This is the first part of an ongoing project for English 671: Digital Rhetoric on the formation of identity in electrate gaming culture. This part of the project is comprised of a 4:45 minute remix video and a companion paper which sets up the foundations for gamer identity creation using theories of electracy and digital rhetoric set forth by Lisa Gitleman, James P. Zappen, and Henry Jenkins.


The Formation of Identity in Electrate Gaming Culture from Erin Griesser on Vimeo.


          As media converges in 21st century culture a shift is taking place in the way that people form and perform their identities especially in electrate space. Digital media is changing at an alarming rate and we must constantly shift our perceptions of communication in this mutable electrate space. Over the last twenty years the culture surrounding gaming has changed considerably. Once considered the realm of teenage nerds gaming has become a vital component of the everyday lives and communications practices of millions of people the world over but its impact is far deeper even than that. Gaming allows its participants to engage in a complex process of interaction with both themselves and others which allows for skill building and the creation and alteration of both “digital” and “real” personas. Lisa Gitleman, James P. Zappen, and Henry Jenkins all propose concepts of electrate communities and identity formation which need to be updated in light of the online gaming explosion.

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