Rhalaine Moirallan – Human Druid/Ranger

Character Bio

Game: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Race: Human
Class: Druid (9) / Ranger (3)
Background: Hermit
Alignment: True Neutral
Druid Circle: Circle of the Moon
Favored Weapons: Scimitars and longbows
Favored Enemies: Undead
Favored Wild Shapes: Cave Bear, Sabre-tooth Tiger
Animal Companion: Alger Hiss, Giant Poisonous Snake
Character Status: PERMADEATH

Rhalaine once devoted her life to guarding a shrine to Mielikki deep in the wild forests and caring for the rare creature who came to reflect there. She developed a strong bond with nature and the animals of the region, befriending and taking as her companion Alger Hiss, a giant poisonous snake who can sometimes be seen cuddling around her waist with his head poking out her cloak hood.

With the rise of the Lords of the Rift her forest was overrun by the undead and her shrine destroyed. On a mission to restore the balance of nature and avenge the destruction of the forest, she wandered the lands for some time becoming ever more feral and obsessed with cleansing the wilds of the undead. Her social skills leave something to be desired and she’s never quite at ease around other humanoid creatures. She may or may not be slowly descending into madness and towards necrotic blight, slowly taking after those she seeks to destroy.

Notable Equipment:
Bow of the Spectral Legion
Red Tiger Scimitar
Death’s Cloak
Bracers of the Spider
Shroud of the Ancients
Shapeshifter’s Armor

Character Sheet

Saving Throws

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